Jun 1, 2009

No to repressions against anti-fascists of Izhevsk, Russia!

from the Russian antifascist Autonomous Action website, Автономное Действие

In Izhevsk, Department of Counteraction Against Extremism (CPE, formerly Administration on Fight with Organised Crime UBOP) once againt framed up a criminal case against anti-fascist movement.

This is just the latest episode in a chain of repressions against anti-fascists, which started i 2008 - during a year more than 80 people have been illegally detained for various reasons, five criminal cases have been opened, but in four charges cases were closed as "crime had not taken place".

While investigating these cases, officers of UBOP were using a variety of illegal means. Witnesses and accused were targeted with verbal and psychological abuse, there were number of cases with anti-fascists being tortured and threatened. In all of the criminal cases, announced "victims" were Nazis, who were in trouble with the law - in practice all of them were facing felony charges for "hooliganism", "causing physical harm", "vandalism" and other statues of Russian criminal codex.

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