Jun 1, 2009

Two Interviews with Russian Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascists

28.02.2009 | Interview with Russian anti-racists

Recently Swedish activist Etranger questioned two Moscow activists, Utka and Igor, on state of anti-racist movement and activities of anti-migrant groups. Swedish version of the interview was published in http://www.motkraft.net/text/396. In this interview, Utka and Igor represent themselves and not any particular group.

14.02.2009 | An interview with Autonomous Action by Danish Autonom Info Service

Recently Danish Autonom Info Service contacted us to ask some questions on current political situation and state of the "left" in Russia. Danish version of the interview is available at Danish indymedia, http://indymedia.dk/articles/781.
Answers by activist of Moscow Autonomous Action Igor, in personal capacity.