Jun 21, 2009

Iran: June 20th Demonstrations

The images were found by following links from the Kasama site.
The images are powerful in showing the rebels standing, marching, and fighting with the Iranian State security agencies and their quasi-fascist paramilitary street militias like the Basij and Iranian Ansar-e Hezbollah.

While we need to see the complex nature of the demonstrations and that the rebels are in no way a unified political bloc, the revolt by sectors of the Iranian people inspires and cuts against the "anti-imperialist" politics of so many on the Left who give regimes like the Iranian Islamic Republic support in the face of Western capitalist Empire. "Left anti-imperialism" so soften stays mute on the crimes and authoritarianism of governments that appear in opposition to the U.S and its allies. The "Left" by and large gives tacit approval to the regimes of Iran and Venezuela because these governments are seen as somehow an anti-hegemonic force. Talk of how these governments have murdered and outlawed dissent, or how these regimes attempt to liquidate the varied parties and organizations either by force or through "legislating" them into singular, unitary top-down mega-party formations, this talk is muted because the "Left" somehow thinks criticism aids Empire. What criticism there is remains hushed and closeted. those of us who do stand in critical opposition are considered part of the imperialist project.

We can have no illusions in the "progressiveness" or "anti-imperialism" of these regimes. Fuck All Governments. Up with mass rebellion!

more images

And a video showing street fighting by thousands of rebels against the Iranian security forces. Watch entire piece, the best bits are last!

Its also important to show the brutality of the Iranian security agencies. Below is video footage of a 24 year old woman reportedly shot dead by Basij fascists. The woman's name was Neda.

The Video is graphic and disturbing and shows the difficult situation the rebels (as well as everyday peoples who find themselves in the mix) are in.

Remember the dead, fight for the living!