Sep 30, 2012

Greek neonazi party opens North American offices

Golden Dawn is the Greek neonazi party that won 7 percent of the vote in elections for the Greek parliament earlier this year. The party is notorious for its physical attacks against immigrants and political opponents, yet recent opinion polls in Greece put its popularity at 22 percent.

Now Golden Dawn has formed chapters in New York City and Montreal, to build support among diaspora Greeks and bolster the party's charity work at home (for non-immigrants only, of course). They have also set up, or are trying to set up, a chapter in Melbourne, Australia.
Commenters on the U.S. far rightist websites American Renaissance and Stormfront applauded Golden Dawn's international expansion. One of them wrote on an AR thread, "The success of Golden Dawn and similar parties in Europe would change the political paradigm. It may be time for those of us sharing a broader European identity to materially support one of these nationalist parties regardless of our nationality."

The hacker group Anonymous immediately shut down the Golden Dawn New York chapter’s website.