Apr 2, 2009

Neo-Nazi Organization Harass New Haven Latino Community

the following news article relates to both alarming trends of White fascist organizations activtiy in the already racist and anti-working class Nativist/anti-immigration movements as well as relating to specific divisions in the U.S. nazi movement. - 3WF

by Thomas MacMillan | March 11, 2009 11:18 AM

Just days after they spoke out against alleged racial profiling of Latinos in East Haven, Luis Rodriguez and city priest Father James Manship discovered frightening flyers at their doorsteps.

A white supremacist group hand-delivered flyers Saturday night to Latino businesses in East Haven and at St. Rose of Lima, Manship’s church in New Haven.

The flyers warn of an “invasion” of undocumented immigrants that will turn the United States into “a third-world slum.” Some of the flyers feature a picture of a soldier holding a rifle.

“This makes me very nervous,” said Rodriguez (pictured), an Ecuadorian immigrant who owns Los Amigos Grocery in East Haven. He and his wife now fear for their safety.

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