Feb 14, 2009

Future Shock. Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield Future Shock Music via Noolmusic.com

Future shock

Hey, little sister, Where's your brother
See your mother, Standing on the soup line

God bless your father, Ain't got the strength
To be bothered

The almighty world, Hear me now
Whisper on, To weigh him down

We got to stop all men, From messing up the land
When won't we understand, This is our last and only chance
Everybody, it's a future shock, Future shock, future shock

All worldly figures, Playing on niggers
Oh, see them passing, See how they're dancing
To the Superfly

Oh, ain't it wrong, When you don't know
Where we come from

Dancing in our youth, Dying at the truth
It ain't over (Over, over, ain't over)

Future shock, future shock

The price of the beat, Higher than the dope in the street
Is it any wonder, For those with nothing to eat

Future shock, future shock