Oct 13, 2008

NYTimes: Italy’s Attacks on Migrants Fuel Debate on Racism

MILAN — The metal shutters are closed at Shining Bar, a coffee shop near the central train station here. On the facade, someone has written “proud to be black” and spray-painted “Abba Lives” in red.

The men who attacked Mr. Guibre, 19, suspected him of stealing money, the authorities said.

Abba was the nickname of Abdul William Guibre, who was born in Burkina Faso, raised in Italy and beaten to death here last month by the bar’s father-and-son proprietors. The two, Fausto and Daniele Cristofoli, suspected Mr. Guibre, 19, of stealing money and set upon him with a metal rod, the authorities said, when it appeared he had stolen a package of cookies. During the altercation, the attackers shouted “dirty black,” lawyers for both sides said.

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