Sep 21, 2008

Supporters of Antifa Queer Festival attacked in Serbia

At this very moment we're in the middle of the 5th Queerbeograd festival in Belgrade, Serbia. The theme of the festival this year is 'Direct Action & Antifascism'. The latter appeared again important when a group of 25 people leaving the festival yesterday evening we're confronted with an organized attack by fascists. The festival has participants from Macedonia, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Slovenia.

Police that we're patrolling in a side street we're quickly there but it didn't prevent some of the QB participants getting seriously hurt. One fascist got arrested. The fascist group consisted of members of Obraz, a clerical fascist group that also organized the attack on the pride in 2001.

This afternoon there is a meeting to discuss how to respond to this attack. The festival will definitely continue and last until Sunday. Besides film screenings, performances and bands also two panels this weekend on direct action and antifascism.

Queerbeograd is supported by a number of autonomous groups making fund raising.