Sep 29, 2008

Counter Insurgency at home?

and look, what timing! Just when the president, politicians and various economists start saying that the Apocalypse may just be around the corner if $700B isn't injected into the economy, the are starting a redeployment of troops into The U.S. who's main goal will be dealing with domestic disturbances.

From The Army Times,

"It is not the first time an active-duty unit has been tapped to help at home. In August 2005, for example, when Hurricane Katrina unleashed hell in Mississippi and Louisiana, several active-duty units were pulled from various posts and mobilized to those areas...

...But this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom, a joint command established in 2002 to provide command and control for federal homeland defense efforts and coordinate defense support of civil authorities...

...They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack."

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