Jun 18, 2008

Anarchists fed up with Lega Nord racists in Italy, get feisty

from @infos media
Anarchists and anti-racists in Trento, North-East Italy got fed up with the
racist crap representives of the local Lega Nord (Northern League) spout in the
local town centre. The video shows how.

Enjoy especially if you're a liberal who likes to go on about 'freedom of
speech' and 'no better than the nazis' kind of thing. Maybe if you read a
history book you'll learn a thing or two about how physical opposition to
facists and nationalists early on works better than later being sent to a death
camp, being ethnically cleansed and so.


Mark Huffington said...

What a load of nonsense. The irony is that the Lega Nord is a party with democratically-elected representatives.

Yet the 'anarchist' thugs in this video are behaving like the same nazis or commie bootboys the propose to abhor.

Typical left-wing Italian confusion...