Mar 10, 2008

NSM to march in April

well, no real deep thoughts today, although that isnt to say we dont need some on the NSM. but, something a little less heavy.

we came across this organizing video for the NSM's upcoming April 19th D.C. march against "illegal" immigration.

the video is so goofy that most serious national socialists would probably laugh. i wonder if the NSM has ever seen Betrayed with Tom Berenger where he plays a Robert Matthews type. In one scene Berenger's character ridicules clownish Nazis who dress up in WW2 garb.

anyway, the below video is over the top.

under that is a better video though not of great quality. Its from the classic movie with the line, "I hate Illinois nazis.". it seemed fitting.


Anonymous said...

At first I misunderstood this point. So you're saying that Tom Berenger isn't actually a Nazi? I did not see the video so I have no way of knowing this.

Anyway, the NSM is expected to march in D.C. next month?