Jan 19, 2008

blog on Jena protests

we got this web address for a blog by the January 21st Committee, the group spearheading the "official" call for action against Richard Barrett's, Nationalist Movement.

This event is turning, media wise, into one of most publicized fascist/anti-fascist
demos is recent times. The obvious reason is the most recent events in Jena. While Barrett's group is a fairly irrelevant organization, we should be asking if the Right and the fascists are looking to capitalize on the social crisis here and abroad, along with tension over the many unresolved issues of race and class in the U.S.

From immigration to competition over fewer and fewer jobs and resources, to the fact that there continues to exist class divisions (and within the working classes)that are racist and segregationist. Some of the fascist groups are looking to capitalize on these.

January 21st in Jena blog