Feb 3, 2007

3wf digest 1

we're posting up a reminder of current (and semi-c) articles. we will start this general practice from here on out, with digests going out once a month or so.

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War Within The Hammerskin Nation. A report detaiing the rise of the Vinlander Social Club/Blood and Honour U.S.A, from rogue element within the movement, to a potential dominant trend opposing the traditional leadership of the Hammerskin Nation.

The Three-Way Fight and militant anti-fascism. The authors (who situate themselves politically as participants in the anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist movement) argue that there is a contemporary radical fascism that is “extremely hostile to bourgeois democracy and capitalism” as well as to the “egalitarian, anti-authoritarian values” of the authors’ own movement.

Stan Goff on the Crisis of the Authoritarian Left. "It is the organizing principle of the "Leninist Party" that still carries the day, democratic centralism, and the method inhering in that organizational model, which requires "the line", which I have come to believe is responsible not merely for a failure of the left to gain a consistent foothold among the broad masses, but which is - more significantley - an illusion that "the left", as we define it, is the only appropriate vehicle to carry out the transformation of society."

Hindu Fascism. “Mathew explains that the Hindu far-right draws most of its support from the well educated professional middle class. Not surprisingly, this is in direct contradiction to the liberal myth that it is the “backwards” and poor classes which are drawn to fascism – while i certainly don’t want to pretend that the global far right is homogenous, there are many many other examples of fascism growing within the most “advanced” and “modern classes,” regardless of the traditionalist drag they may hid behind.”

democratic centralism, State ideology, and the suppression of the revolutionary potentials: "The appropriate function of revolutionary party organization is to organize revolutionaries, not to be priests or professors to the working class. With or without parties, masses and classes make history. Whether they make revolution depends on the extent they manage to think and act autonomously. Party organization has certainly proven to be a formidable obstacle to this goal. My hope and belief is that it can also be an important assist– but that essentially remains to be proven."

Bash The Fash-Anti-fascist recollections, 1984-1993. " ...this was probably the biggest anti-fascist battle since Lewisham (1977). It was even covered on national TV news, radio, tabloids etc.

Blood and Honour had advertised that they were holding a massive gig with all their top names at an undisclosed venue. They advised their followers (not trusting them with the information, and to avoid anti-fascists) to go first to Waterloo station to be re-directed. This was a common fascist tactic.

That morning about a hundred of us anti-fascists met at The Old Bell in Kilburn. We took the tube to Waterloo and emerged up the escalators to the concourse. I don’t know about anyone else but I was very nervous. I thought we were going to be slaughtered. Everyone knew that Blood and Honour could muster ten times more people than we had.

The station concourse was nearly deserted. We discovered afterwards that British Rail had given Black and Asian workers the day off – pandering to racism. A small group of Red Action went into the station buffet and found a couple of skinheads who had been enjoying a quiet cup of tea. There was some loud rumbling and smashing sounds, then the Reds emerged unscathed and blended with our crowd. Five minutes later an ambulance arrived to cart off the two hapless fascists. (Rumour has it that they might have been, in fact, plain clothes coppers).

We spent the rest of the afternoon ambushing groups of fascists as they arrived, and trying to avoid the police. For example, four fascists arrived by car and were set upon until every window was broken, and the rest of the car was not exactly in showroom condition. The battles raged in all the surrounding streets. A comrade from Norwich and myself piled into a group of three fascists by the Waterloo roundabout. One of them turned to attack my comrade and I stuck my foot out to trip him up and with wonderful luck it was perfectly timed and he keeled over and hit his head, crack, on the pavement. He was unconscious I think, but in the heat of the moment I went and booted him in the head as hard as I could anyway. In fact I was a bit worried afterwards in case I’d killed him. I kept checking the TV news for a few days. The two other fascists were still there and I suppose we could have steamed into them some more, but we ran back to the main group.

Cheeky persons have summarised the anti-fascist events at Waterloo by saying 'we closed more stations than the IRA'!"

Aryan Jihad? New directions for the Aryan Nations: “they're also pursuing a more third position approach, toning down the race war and pushing for a more all-encompassing anti-government stance. Lines like "This is the same ‘System’ that not only oppresses Aryans but is also responsible for oppressing all persons of whatever race or nationality who oppose the erroneous, Judaic-based authority which is the premise for System-rule" seem to open the door to them collaborating with non-white resistance movements, as long as they're anti-Jew.”

Twilight of the Heart. From, Growing Pains, editorial from Upping the Anti issue 3 . "While the libertarian and anarchist currents in the anti-capitalist left had managed, whether by design or fluke, to shape the anti-globalization movement in accordance with their own vision of a federated sunset, a horizontal utopia modeled after the conceits of 19th Century romantic humanism, they failed to have a similar impact on the shape of the anti-war movement. Instead of a politics of the act, the anti-war movement – taking its direction from the socialist organizations that correctly read the timing of the twilight of the heart – came to take on the attributes of the united front."

Sketchy Thoughts on UTA's, Growing Pains

Pedagogy of Confrontation

Chomsky et al. "An emerging left ‘common sense’ attempts to explain the world in terms of narrow economic motives - “oil imperialism”, and the uniquely reactionary character and limited worldview of the current U.S. administration - “Bush’s “fascism”. This common sense implies that it is becoming more reasonable and realistic…and, perhaps, even more significant to orient towards changing political leadership in the United States to a different ruling class fraction identified with marginally different policies. Reformist and popular front positions - social democracy, generically speaking - which were on the defensive, have reclaimed some ideological and programmatic ground. Particularly since the build up to the Iraq War, the alleged irrationality of current U.S ruling class policies, rather than the fundamental irrationality of the capitalist system, is the point of departure for left politics."