Jan 27, 2007

Aryan Jihad? New Directions for the Aryan Nations

The following was forwarded to threewayfight from a former contributor to the ARA Research Bulletin and author of the article The Southern Poverty Law Center "Bad Jackets" Anarchists.

It's been awhile since I paid attention to the Aryan nations. Some interesting stuff here!

They're pushing away from the "race hate" (yeah, right), which is probably just the usual ploy to play "pro-white" and get less flack/relegated to the fringes. I doubt they'll clamp down on anyone in the org pushing racial hostilities, after all. But they're also pursuing a more third position approach, toning down the race war and pushing for a more all-encompassing anti-government stance. Lines like "This is the same ‘System’ that not only oppresses Aryans but is also responsible for oppressing all persons of whatever race or nationality who oppose the erroneous, Judaic-based authority which is the premise for System-rule" seem to open the door to them collaborating with non-white resistance movements, as long as they're anti-Jew. And using the term "jihad" is a big step all by itself, especially given the current world situation! And with "ALLAHU AKBAR!" on their website, they're practically begging to make alliances with anti-US, anti-Semitic jihadist Muslims.

Note also that the anti-government rhetoric has some specific anti-capitalist sentiments: "... the hollow and empty life of a consumer-slave which is the default mode of existence in the present so-called ‘Western democratic states’."

Check out their new motto too: "Violence Solves Everything!"

-P. Milstein


"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight
in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live." -Adolf Hitler

About Aryan Nations

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A Brief History: The Legacy of Aryan Nations

Aryan Nations came into being in the year 1974 from the efforts of our founder, the late Pastor Richard G. Butler. Aryan Nations was originally formed as the political wing of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian; the latter organization being formed by the late Rev. Wesley Swift, one of the foremost proponents of the Aryan Identity message during the past century.

On a twenty-acre compound in Hayden Lake, deep in the forests of Northern Idaho, Pastor Butler began laying the foundations for an organization that would go on to become a major source of inspiration for thousands of National Socialists, Identity believers, survivalists and all White men and women who held pride in their genetic legacy as Aryans and who held within themselves the fanatical desire to strive for the territorial imperative of a future Homeland for White Aryans on the North American continent.

With an operating Church, meeting halls and outdoor facilities that became home to the annual Aryan Nations World Congress, the Aryan Nations soon became the prime nerve-center for the Aryan movement in the occupied
United States.

Aryan Nations vigorous printing projects served (amongst other tasks) to cause the widespread dissemination of Aryan literature to incarcerated individuals - thus fomenting the radicalization of a large sector of White prisoners - much to the chagrin of the advocates of Zionist social control.

Aryan Nations also gained the widespread attention of the world during the early nineteen-eighties when several members of the Aryan Nations and Robert J. Matthews went on to form "The Order"- a group that conducted practical acts of economic sabotage, assassination and other forms of covert direct action against the tyrannical and anti-Aryan Zionist system.

Aryan Nations became the focus of world attention again when - via a refused request to become informants for federal intelligence agencies working against the Aryan Nations - the Weaver family in the nearby town of
Naples, Idaho suffered the tragedy that has become known as "The Siege at Ruby Ridge". The story need not be repeated here, yet those who do not know about this incident are recommended to study it as it has - and will continue to be - a flashpoint for many Aryan activists for many years to come.

In an erroneous lawsuit brought against the Aryan Nations by anti-Aryan forces, the organization lost the
Hayden Lake compound and became more decentralized in nature. The Zionists soon realized that this was not to their benefit as it caused a great backlash with many leaderless members of the Aryan Nations taking action into their own hands after the diaspora from the Hayden Lake compound.

Aryan Nations World Headquarters was transferred to a ten-acre compound in rural
Potter County, Pennsylvania, which was host to the 2002 Aryan Nations World Congress. During this time, soon before his death, Pastor Butler appointed Pastor Ray Redfeairn as National Director of the organization - the latter being an individual of cunning mind, violent tendencies and radical outlook who aided in the evolution of the Aryan Nations worldview as the organization moved into a future which was very different than that perhaps originally envisioned by the Aryan activists of past generations.

Aryan Jihad: The Present

Through diverse peregrinations and the wisdom that comes with age, the Aryan Nations has both taken a harder stance in regards to the means and methods by which our goals can reach fruition and have developed certain strategies which are more in tune with realism, as opposed to idealism.

Neither being inspired nor proud of the stagnation of the racialist movement in general, the Aryan Nations began taking strategic steps in a direction that would lead the organization into hitherto unexplored vistas in regards to our worldview and the implementation of that worldview.

In line with the facts of the geopolitical situation today, the Aryan Nations has come to the conclusion that the stereotypical "race hate" line of thought that has been so cherished (and so useless) within the “movement” is no longer viable - and as such, it is a line of thought that will no longer be perpetuated within this organization.

The goal of the establishment of a White Aryan homeland on the North American continent has not and shall not change. We believe that the Aryan folk deserve the right to a sovereign existence and racial self-determination within a territorial area characterized by our own laws, culture and customs. This is in line with the “Blood and Soil” concept of Third Reich-era National Socialists and follows the logic that for a people to survive (as a distinct racial and cultural group) they must have their own land so that their own ways can be furthered amongst their own folk - to the exclusion of alternate ways of life within that specific geographic territory.

But before this can occur, however, it is prerequisite and indeed necessary that “the System” be disrupted and broken down. This is the same “System” that not only oppresses Aryans but is also responsible for oppressing all persons of whatever race or nationality who oppose the erroneous, Judaic-based authority which is the premise for System-rule.

It is our intention to see Judaic-influenced society and governmental infrastructures to be pushed into a state of perpetual revolution: as is understood, no infrastructure can survive a state of perpetual revolution - and that is entirely the point in regards to the future of the current “System”- A System which denies the basic human rights of millions of people across the globe and which specifically wages war against those individuals and groups who represent a spiritual-based, numinous way of living - and as such is the exact antithesis in competition to the hollow and empty life of a consumer-slave which is the default mode of existence in the present so-called “Western democratic states”.

We know that there are far better alternative ways of living - and far more intelligent, reasonable and cultured means of society - which can be made real upon this earth for our people and for all people.

Where we differ from our predecessors is that we realize that it takes a cold-blooded, pragmatic and realist viewpoint to enact the changes which will be necessary to achieve our goals. As such we see - for the immediate future - a period where the spread of subversion and the aid of all forms which are a liability and are inimical in nature to the current Judaic-tyrannical state of affairs should be our principal aim.

We have encapsulated the quintessence of this work in two words: Aryan Jihad.

Worldwide Kristallnacht: The Future

Fanaticism, ruthlessness and consistency must be the character traits of those who wish to join with us in the Aryan Nations. We are not interested - nor do we intend to become - a petty debate club nor are we interested in the kind of problem-oriented futility which characterizes many of the non-mainstream political groups in
North America.

The future will be decided by those who embrace evolution and continue to take - again and again - the disciplined steps needed to evolve themselves as individuals - as this microcosmic change shall be the precursor for the execution of macrocosmic change that will not simply be comparable but rather surpass that which has been achieved on an individual level.

It shall only be these individuals who will be willing - and capable - to change the world in a significant way... To redress the imbalance caused by the Jew and their hubristic sycophants and restore this earth to a state of cosmic harmony.

If this change we speak of should herald a descent into Anarchy then we say “so be it” with no regret or apology - for Anarchy is much preferable - and more capable - of causing the break-up of the current so-called “superpowers” into smaller nation-states - than is the domesticated societal situation existent at present.

And it shall be in the smoldering ashes of the downfall of the current System wherein shall be born the seeds for a new global society in which Aryan homelands shall again be a reality; that is, if we have the tenacity, dedication and intelligence necessary to make it a reality.

For those who are brave enough, defiant enough and strong enough to evolve - to cull their own selves of the anti-evolutionary religions, thought processes and politics of the past - and then to cull their planet of all that which stands in the way of our goal of perpetual revolution for our enemies (which equals the spark of life for our people) then we invite you - and challenge you - to join our struggle.