Oct 10, 2006

By Who Name You Be Coming In!?

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert apparently is joining forces with a Kahanist (read: fascist)politician and his party.

He embroiled Israel in a superfluous and failed war, and this week threatened to join up with the most Kahanist politician active in Israel since the death of Rehavam Ze'evi. What is happening to us, to our Ehud Olmert? Nothing. Olmert is coming back to himself.

That politician is Avigdor Lieberman. Here's his perspective on Israel's Palestinian population, according to writer Tom Segev.

He suggests giving up Wadi Ara as part of an agreement to swap land with the Palestinians. Such a deal would revoke the Israeli citizenship of hundreds of thousands of Arabs and force them to become citizens of Palestine.

He's also rejecting multiple peace offers from Bashar Al-Assad because of Syria's support of Hamas and Hezbollah, which amounts to those groups having offices in Damascus. But Olmert is making pleasant comments about Saudi King Abdullah, despite the fact that the Wahhabi kingdom provides Hamas with 70 percent of its funding.

In short, like all politicians, Olmert sucks.



Anonymous said...

Avigdor Lieberman is certainly a man of the right but I do not think he is Kahanist. In fact, Kahanists are adamantly against the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza (they continue to claim that Jordan is the Palestinian state, if they even use the term Palestinian at all). Mr. Lieberman supports a Palestinian state. Also, while explicitly Kahanist parties are banned in Israel for being racist, Kahanists encourage Israelis to support the Chayil Party of Baruch Marzel. Here are the Kahanists, in their own words, back in 2004:


"Right-Wing" Lieberman Urges Israel
To Surrender Jerusalem And Galilee
(Originally published by JTF.ORG on December 22, 2004)

Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of the "right-wing" National Union Party (HaIchud HaLeumi), has proposed that Israel create an independent PLO terrorist state that would include the eastern half of Jerusalem and even the Galilee (which is part of pre-1967 Israel).

In the 2003 elections for the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), Lieberman claimed that his National Union Party was the only party to oppose the creation of an independent PLO terrorist state. Over and over again, Lieberman told the voters that if they wanted to stop a PLO terrorist state, they had to vote National Union.

Indeed, the election slogan of Lieberman's party was "No to a PLO state!"

In 2003, the National Union Party won 7 of the 120 Knesset seats.
As soon as the election was over, one of the seven National Union Knesset members, Michael Nudelman, announced that he supported creating an independent PLO terrorist state and that he supported Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's suicidal plan to unilaterally retreat from the entire Gaza District and northern Samaria.

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, the "right-wing" Nudelman loyally served as a soldier in the Soviet Nazi Red Army before emigrating to Israel.

Now Avigdor Lieberman - the leader of the National Union Party - also has announced his support for an independent PLO terrorist state after promising in hundreds of passionate campaign speeches that he would do everything possible to prevent a PLO state from being created.

Before the January 2003 elections, JTF warned that the National Union is a party of frauds. As with the lying traitor Ariel Sharon of the Likud Party, the lying traitors Avigdor Lieberman and Michael Nudelman of the National Union Party were never "right-wing."

The only Israeli party that is genuinely right-wing is the Chayil (Valor) Party of Baruch Marzel.

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