Jul 17, 2005


Three Way Fight is a new project. It is explicitly antifascist but within a specific context. It is a project concerned about where “Our” side is headed - our side being broadly, the libertarian, autonomous, and revolutionary anti-capitalist one. Check out the About Us for a fuller explanation.

As designated by our name we feel that there are contending forces at play in our societies. The movements that would be classified as the revolutionary “Left” are not the only opponents of the current social construct. We don’t think that the “socialist alternative” is the only option that may emerge, there are others that are authoritarian, brutal, and designed to institute forced seperation and genocide (the Balkans and Rwanda as examples). One of the primary opposition movements that stands in contrast to the revolutionary project that we envision is it's antithesis - Fascism. For us Fascism is not a loose catch phrase describing what is bad, ultra bad, and really bad. We consider Fascism a living movement that seeks to win a mass of the people over and remake society, along lines that would have “Us” and millions of others separated out and against the wall. Three Way Fight as a project is aimed at keeping our mind’s on this fact. This project is also intended to inspire discussion so as to develop our capabilities in recognizing authoritarian and Fascist tendencies when they emerge politically, even if they come in the guise of “liberation” and “progressiveness”. Socialism has often concealed it’s own authoritarian fifth column.

The information that will be on the site ranges from opinion pieces to news articles. Some of the content we intend to cover will be:

•Evaluation of current North American Fascist movements
•Evaluation of current North American revolutionary movements: Libertarian and Revolutionary Left
•Critique of current anti-racist/anti-Fascist research and education projects
•Review and critical perspectives on current anti-Fascist movement
•Ruling class strategies
•Rise and potentials of Islamic Fundamentalist/Fascist movements
•Zionism and Judaic Fascism
•Palestinian struggle and debates on the One State or Two State solution
•Social Democracy: does Social Democracy provide an arena for advancement of revolutionary action; how does social democracy act as a barrier to revolutionary transformation
•War and Occupation
•Deepening social crisis: Does it exist? Can it happen? If so, what forces are best positioned to capitalize on this – Left, Right?
•Minuteman Project: Popular Right Wing nationalism and relation to Fascism
•Culture and politics: music, sports, film

The site is a “closed” blogging format meaning that only invited contributors can post. This may change as time goes on. If you find the information useful, engaging and/or provocative, and you would like to voice your thoughts, please send us an email: threewayfight@riseup.net

If you would like to contribute a piece or have comments on an article that you wish others to see publicly, please state this in your email. We will consider this request as we are always looking to raise the level of debate.

Three Way Fight is not an organization and is independent of any particular organizing project. It is a forum for information and ideas.