Jul 15, 2005

Is the National Alliance breaking apart, and if so who’s ready to collect the pieces?

“The National Alliance, for all practical purposes, died along with William Luther Pierce. A few months ago the shadow boxing came to a head and Gliebe bailed at the hands of Kevin Alfred Strom, Jamie Kelso, and the Dukester himself… say goodbye to the premier hate group and say hello to the "new" face of the racist right.”

“When it was decided by Strom that he was going to "resurrect" the National Alliance under the name of National Vanguard, it was also anticipated that many of those who were expatriated from the NA would be placed in positions of authority… It hasn't happened. And rather than look or sound anything like the Alliance, it has the Duke camp written all over it.”

“… it just may be that the fracture of the National Alliance is something that has been in the works for more than a year. And it also may be that Duke figures prominently in this split… When David Duke was released from prison last year, he immediately went to work attempting to rebuild that which he had left behind. A European-American Conference was scheduled in New Orleans and hyped all across the internet and it became evident that Duke and Don Black of Stormfront fame had achieved some sort of alliance… Black's Stormfront is currently over 50,000 strong. If Duke's Euro can absorb a good fraction of the Stormfront group as well as a fair number from the National Alliance, he will soon have the largest group of neo-Nazi's that we have seen to date.”

The above excerpts are taken from Nicole Nichols’ article, Gliebe Takes A Dive and the NA Falls To David's Dukes. Nichols is a contributor to the liberal anti-racist Citizens Against Hate (CAH) project. The article itself is a mixed bag.

It is helpful because it is one of the only current pieces to attempt to document some of the splits and new partnerships emerging within the North American fascist movement. Despite whatever differences I have with CAH I acknowledge their consistency in reporting on the far-right and fascists. At present, radical antifascists have done little to investigate and make known our findings or positions.

However, that said, this is where the usefulness of the article ends. I would say the article has a certain questionable character to it due in part to its periodic reading like an anti-racist National Enquirer. It tends to play up the more non-political and seedy aspects of the intra-fascist feuds rather than developing the political ramifications of the NA’s possible breakup. Granted, digging up the dirt on the opposition can be important. The fascists uphold themselves as quality stuff, knowing the dirty dealings and lifestyle habits that run counter to Movement morality can be prime ammo at times. But ultimately gossip and innuendo is the weakest form of critique; it is no substitute for sound political analysis. Personal failings abound everywhere; they do not necessarily spell doom for an individual, organization or movement.

Add to this, Nichols and CAH do not promote a critique of the State that would in any way suggest that they either reject or are in opposition to it. CAH is by no stretch of the imagination pro our side. Liberal politically, and judging from their “anti-hate” rhetoric, I would suppose that they view all radical political struggle as a negative and a detractor from democratic society.

Nonetheless, the article is full of information that we can sort through and use for the development of a radical antifascist perspective.

I have also posted a founding statement issued by the new National Vanguard. As mentioned in the Nichols article, the NV is a breakaway faction of the National Alliance.


A founding statement from the National Vanguard

A new forward-looking organization is founded: National Vanguard will use proven principles to uncompromisingly stand for White people.

RECENT EVENTS within the National Alliance have rapidly come to a head, and this letter is meant to fill you in on what the latest developments are.

A Declaration, which scores of leading activists signed nation-wide demanding fundamental change at the top of the National Alliance, was rejected out of hand by Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker.

Gliebe and Walker refused to accept the Declaration, address any of the serious issues raised, or engage in dialogue with the reformers. Instead, they immediately labeled the dissent a "coup," launched a vile personal smear campaign, and expelled all of the Alliance's activist cadre. Ironically, Erich Gliebe has since resigned his Chairmanship in favor of Shaun Walker. (This changes nothing, by the way: Gliebe and Walker still jointly control the Board, with no oversight or checks and balances.)

Given the unreasonable nature of the Gliebe-Walker cabal's "response," the membership of the National Alliance is left with no option other than to reconstitute the organization under a new name -- National Vanguard -- with accountable organizational norms and a leadership in tune with the membership and willing and able to facilitate their hard work.

This bold, exciting initiative will allow the members to build an organization that provides stability, coherence and relevance in keeping with the new demands of a new century.
Our new organization, National Vanguard, is being formed now. A number of key activists nation-wide will form a Board of Directors and in the coming weeks issue new bylaws taking into account the concerns of members. The new BOD will also institute a leadership structure that is flexible, accountable, and effective. In the meantime, American Dissident Voices will continue to appear on NationalVanguard.org, and that site will continue to function as a source for news and updates on the new organization.

Individual units will continue to function as before. Unit Coordinators (UCs) should hold an information meeting for members as soon as possible to explain the recent changes. A leadership brief has been prepared and will be sent to all UCs containing vital information to present to members. UCs should also have membership applications on hand at their meeting. UCs are urged to contact Regional Coordinators (East, Rich Lindstrom; Midwest, Aaron Collins; West, Roger Williams) with any questions about this vital task.

All members of the National Alliance in sympathy with the Declaration are asked to send in applications for National Vanguard membership

National Vanguard, Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905

National Vanguard is a forward-looking organization, and as such is not interested in gratuitous gossip or mudslinging against the National Alliance. Those few people who choose to remain with the rump of the organization are likely to join National Vanguard when the dust settles, and all members are asked to keep that in mind: kindness and magnanimity should be our watchwords. Similarly, National Vanguard is not an "anti-Shaun Walker club" open to anyone simply opposed to the old NA leadership. National Vanguard is a new organization and has no desire to engage in "turf wars" or carry the baggage of past conflicts.

These are exciting times, and with hard work and determination National Vanguard will succeed in its mission.