Apr 2, 2009

G20 and Anger Amid the Capitalist Crisis

We will be posting up bits from the G20 as they emerge - mainstream articles and videos as well as news and analysis seen from the radical lens.

Despite growing global frustration and rage against the crisis of capitalism and its managers, it is questionable if protests at the G20 represent signs of a new anti-capitalist "movement" or if it is only us going through the motions, repeating the words and actions that have produced only small and generally limited forms of resistance. Europe is different from the US and is steeped in different traditions within the working classes. Protests, strikes and violence against the System is seen as part of class resistance there. Europe also continues to maintain small but significant sectors of varying radical traditions - socialists, communists, anarchists and revolutionary syndicalists as well as movements on the Right- parliamentary as well as autonomous street based fascists.

At a time when a possible secular crisis of capitalism is showing itself and plunging millions globally downward - many on capitals periphery to the point of potential oblivion - it is essential radical and libertarian organizers rethink our strategies and try out new approaches. Not wanting to pretend that we have any crystal ball for seeing into the future, but the current crisis will lead to new insurgencies - with or without us. We cant afford to just go through the motions, the challenge demands more.

Despite any limitations in movement mobilizations and ideas, what is encouraging is that people everywhere are no longer afraid to speak out and act. The chilling effects and fear of the post-911 period are largely gone. This is not to say the Jihadi fascists that carried out the attacks are no longer there (any liberatory and liberation movement will have to run up against these anti-human elements) or the goverenments that sought to suppress through fear mongerning, repression, and appeals to national chavaunisms wont continue to do the same, but for the time being, many seem to be leaving passivity behind.

Below are two videos showing the escalation of street demos in and around the City (London's financial district).

Russia Today: 35,000 protets before G20

Sky News: Violence Erupts at G20 protests in London