Oct 9, 2008

Direct Action? Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld knocked out at Gym

This occurred after giving testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about how CEO Dick Fuld led his company, Lehman Brothers - one of the Wests largest financial services firms - into bankruptcy after its shares fell 2 weeks ago (their value falling 90%) and inducing a Dow Jones tumble of near 500 points while Fuld and other executives walked away with millions - Lehamn's layed off near 9,000 employees.

While at the Lehman's Gym, another member walked up and punched Dick in the face and knocked him out. Great stuff!

The only unfortunate thing is that so far this type of direct action is only taking place between executives. We need to catch up and start leveling some direct action of our own against these crooks and their system.