Jan 15, 2008

National Socialist Movement moves to Detroit, MI

from a new antifascist group in Michigan called Solidarity & Defense. they posted recent info on the NSM moving their HQ to the Detroit Area. see below:

Trouble Around Town: neo-nazis moving into Detroit

Solidarity & Defense is an anti-racist,anti-fascist group. We actively confront neo-Nazis like the NSM. We support grassroots action against Nazis. The below article is informational and is an alert to anti-racist organnizers in Michigan.

The NSM has supporters in Warren, Cadillac, and Grand Rapids. Two years ago the NSM held a rally in Toledo, OH where residents angrily resisted the Nazis and the cops protecting them. The NSM were forced to flee the area.

Since then the NSM has also held rallies in Lansing and Grand Rapids. The Lansing rally saw several NSM Nazis beaten and forced to leave. The NSM advocates extreme violence against "non-White" people, and believes in pogroms and forced repatriation of people out of "White" territory. For more on S&D's position on anti-Nazi organizing see documents in side bars under, Fighting Words.

read more at their site, Solidarity & Defense