Sep 11, 2006

The War With al-Qaeda
by Juan Cole, from Informed Comment

Monday, September 11, 2006

The War with al-QaedaThe war with al-Qaeda has many dimensions. There is the war with the organization itself. There is the struggle against its offshoots and copycats. There is cooperation with Muslim governments and communities in derailing the threat. There is the question of the strength of Sunni fundamentalist parties that might support al-Qaeda. And there is winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world.

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(while i find Cole's blog informative and comprehensive, i nor 3Way Fight support his liberal and pro-State politics. and while it would be wrong to suggest his proscription for dealing with religious fundamentalism is the same as the neo-Cons, he ultimatley ends up supporting a form of imperialist intervention as a way to "win hearts and minds in the Muslim world". winning rights and the creation of a broad and inclusive participatory and secular political framework can only be achieved through organization and action on the part of the oppressed and rank and file. it can not be achieved through any State (or trans State ie., UN) apparatus. -RX)