Apr 21, 2006

here are some more articles regarding anti-NSM actions:

the first is a report on Grand Rapids, Michigan anti-racists organizing an "outing" of the NSM 's Southwest Unit leader, Ken Matthews

the second is more views on the radio event that had a Lansing antifascist arguing against the NSM and their spokesman

the third is the most recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center documenting the rise of the NSM.

as they are no friends of antifascists, i would prefer to not be posting stuff by the SPLC . indeed, the SPLC has distorted information for their own ends (mostlty to create fear and rake in cash from the liberals) and works with the State to monitor and disrupt not only the fash, but radical antifascists like ARA and their fellow travellers. the first issue of the now defunct ARA Research Bulletin carried an article detailing this. however, the current antifascist and radical movement hasnt produced much in the way of indepth investigation and reporting on the fash and their up's and down's.

although 3Way Fight has tried to be better at posting articles that are critical, more detailed, and outlining trends within the Right and fascist camps, in the end were still a part of this failure to take research more seriously. so with that said i guess were gonna have to wade through the info put out by the State aligned anti-racists.