Dec 1, 2005

Since the Three Way Fight blog is newish, we wanted to repost previous articles so that they don’t get lost in the ether.

Here's a list of some of our more signifigant posts:

They live, we die by Ali
a critique of the Israeli fascist Kahanist ideology and movement.

imperial reckoning by Mike Morgan
an article taken from using two recent books on the Kenyan Mau Mau resistance as a springboard into a look into Insurrection and the tactics of counter-insurgency.

“¡Que se Vayan Todos”: Venezuela’s Anarchists and the Three-Way Fight by Francis
this piece is an examination of Venezuela, the Left, Chavez, and Venezuelan anarchists. Francis states, "When Venezuela is mentioned in North America these days, it is almost always in reference to President Hugo Chavez, who is vilified by the mainstream press and adored by much of what passes for the left. Not surprisingly, the reality is much more complicated..."

Cursory thoughts on armies, insurrection, and The Sixth by RX
article looking at the Provisional IRA surrender to capitalist electoralism, contrasted to the Zapatista's critical analysis of their struggle, the need to re-organize politically as well as militarily, and how to build an "inter-galactic" anticapitalist movement.

Notes on Women and Right-Wing Movements - Part One by Matthew
Part one of a two part essay examining fascist conceptions of womanhood, femininity, and social relationships regarding gender. Matthew also deals with the partiipation of women in fascist movements, not as spectators, but as active participants.

Notes on Women and Right-Wing Movements - part Two

Interview from, Beating Fascism: Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice


Anonymous said...

Hello 3WayFight,

Great website! Very impressive.

I was wondering if you are planning to write about the current situation with Iran's President Ahmadinejad.

His recent comments, declaring "the need to wipe Israel off the map" and his Holocaust denial have caused a lot of attention recently, especially since recent inquiries into Iran's nuclear programs.

The U.S. may use Ahmadinejad's anti-semitism and his aggressive posturing as justification for "containment" (ie. war). The Left, I'm afraid, will present a simple anti-imperialist position that denies Ahmadinejad's threat. It will not address the fact that a state leader potentially possessing nuclear capacities is posturing in an openly anti-semitic way.

The answer is not easy. But I think the three way fight framework brings forward a very important analysis. That we oppose both Ahmadinejad and his anti-semitic agenda while simultaneously opposing US domination and the Israeli occupation.

I hope three way fight will play an influential role in the emerging discussions on this topic. Do you plan to write on this subject?

The only articles I've seen so far from the Left, addressing this issue is that of Matthias Kuntzel, who wrote "A Sense of Foreboding: German Reactions to Ahmadinejad" ( and "Are 500,000 Keys to Paradise Enough?: Germany 'Confronts' Ahmadinejad" (

It would be great if 3WayFight took up these discussions on its site.

Rob Augman