Aug 9, 2005

We Must Become The Global Resistance To The Occupation

from the NorthStar Anarchist Collective, Minneapolis, MN

"Over the last few months the people of Iraq have stepped up the resistance to the U.S. occupation of their land. Is this a surprise? What would you do if a foreign army rolled tanks down your streets, imposed curfews, raped and tortured prisoners, shot missiles into neighborhoods, turned the resources and infrastructure of the country over to multinational corporations?The Iraqi people have suffered a great deal under the Baathist dictatorship, through a war with Iran and two wars with the United States,and now this brutal military occupation. It is a sign of hope and determination that our brothers and sisters in Iraq can effectively resist such a powerful enemy. We support their efforts."

"This does not mean we are unconcerned with who presently leads the resistance movement in Iraq and in some other countries as well. The same Islamic fundamentalists who fight the U.S. have also attacked secular and socialist Iraqi workers organizations and put death threats on prominent woman organizers. In areas where the fundamentalists have gained control there are reports of a twisted version of Sharia (Islamic Law) beingimposed on the population. Women must cover themselves and are banned from public life like work and school. Strict rules against drinking, dancing, etc. are enforced. Non-muslims are intimidated. This is no more“Liberation” than Rumsfeld’s tanks."

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