Aug 10, 2005

Whether it’s soul, indie, garage, punk rock, house, hip-hop or bhangra, music brings us together and offers a vibrant celebration of our multicultural and multiracial society.

More than twenty years ago, a group of musicians and political activists came together to form Rock Against Racism in the UK. It was a movement formed in reaction to rising xenophobia and racism fuelled by Nazi organisations like the National Front.

Rock Against Racism stood for "Rebel music, street music. Music that breaks down people's fear of one another. Crisis music. Now music. Music that knows who the real enemy is. Rock Against Racism. Love Music Hate Racism."

Rock Against Racism rallies have numbered upwards of 100,000 people. Musicians such as The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Steel Pulse and Tom Robinson have donated their time and performances to the cause.

Rock Against Racism is not specific to the UK and the idea and message behind Rock Against Racism concerts have spread throughout Europe and North America, popping up wherever and whenever racist organizations rear their heads.